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macquarie neurology

Macquarie University - Sydney, Australia


Fee Schedule

Initial consultations at M|N are for one hour, and involve comprehensive assessment, physical examination, formulation of a management plan and report to the referring doctor. Veteran’s Affairs patients (Gold card) are welcome, and our staff will assist with arranging DVA transport where appropriate.

Urgent appointments for same or next day assessment are ALWAYS available, by arrangement between the referring
doctor and M|N. Please notify our staff if required.

Inpatient care provided by M|N at Macquarie University Hospital is by direct arrangement with the health fund.
There are NO OUT OF POCKET expenses for neurology services to inpatients at MUH.

There is no Emergency Department at MUH. Direct admission to MUH for acute patients is by arrangement with the M|N on call neurologist. Contact 9812 3720 or MUH switch 9812 3000

Service Fee Medicare Rebate

Initial Consult 550 224.35

Follow up Consult 190

EEG 250 104.65

Nerve Studies NCS/EMG

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